My Blogs

Clicking on my profile shows only a couple of blogs, however here's the 411 on all of the blogs that I have created and maintained since May 24, 2008

1} Cedar's Mountain: Cedar's Mountain, from May 24, 2008 thru November 1, 2013, was my main go-to blog and predecessor of this blog. To reach a better understanding of who I am and what I write, please check it out at your leisure.

2} Shooting Suburbia: This is my picture blog. Even though it's on a semi-hiatus, it's a good blog to check it you're interested in the type of pictures that I shoot, which was 90% disposable camera and 10% cheapy digital camera.

3} It's Always Saturday In Suburbia: This is my adult blog, where I post R/X/NC-17 rated posts and story excerpts. Also on semi-hiatus as the warped factor has not been there in quite sometime.

4} Books By G.B. Miller: This is where I have all my published books centrally located, with information and the necessary links to purchase the books, either from Amazon, Smashwords or from me.