October 16, 2014

Structured Chaos The 2nd

Yesiree Bob, I's already switching gears with my blogging schedule. I tell yas, this has to be a first for me, 'cause normally I wait a while before I decide to switch gears and tweak a plan. Anywho, I'm publishing today 'cause I'm hip deep within the recesses of my own mind. Specifically, journeying through uncharted territory that is self-publishing.

Specifically specific, trying to determine what I exactly want my book to look like on the inside. I'm not used to having an semi-infinite amount of choices when it comes interior decorating, so I want to make doubly sure I don't SELECT ADJECTIVE this up (see, see, see, I can be G-rated when necessary!), which means that I'll be twisting myself into a tasty pretzel this week. Now, if you mix in the fact that my new schedule kicks in tomorrow, then you'll know why I'll feel blue without.....Laverne & Shirley.

On the far side of the hill we got momentarily sidetracked on YouTube for oh....35 minutes while doing some...er...some...research, yeah, that's the ticket.

Anywho, over on the dark side (heheheheheheh....), we done published our first post at Father Nature's Mountain. It's not much, but it's a start. I'm pretty sure you can comment on it (I hope) and I so far, I haven't figured out how each post has its own individual url, so until then, when you click on the main link, you'll brought to the main blog page, and if you want to comment there and don't want to through the aggravation of registering (that is, if the anon feature doesn't work), feel to comment here about over there.

And that, my friends, is what's going on so with me. Tune in next week when I'll have tales of brave Ulysses to share with you.

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October 13, 2014

Structured Chaos

Howdy do folks!

As promised previously, I would let everyone know exactly what is was that I had decided with my blogging/writing life. Well, today is that very day that we've all come to dread. To quote The Clash, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Well, suffice to say, I am staying here. Kind of. That is to say, I'm still sticking with blogging, although there will be a few changes.

1} I'm cutting my blogging here to just twice a week, with the plan being Mondays and Fridays. This could change to different days due to an upcoming change at work which will be fully explained later in in the post.

2} I started a new blog over at the dark side, called Father Nature's Mountain (yes, I know, not very original). It will be mostly a photo blog, since that seems to be the easiest thing to post over there. No official link as of yet, because it will be a Wednesday only blog. Once that post goes up on 10/15, I'll provide the link to there here.

In other sordid news, I took the next step with The Inner Sibling and the goal is to have a print release in November. Factoid, I went through that manuscript for the 7th (and I hope final) time to find & fix any and all typos. Reality check, I'm figuring it will cost me a minimum of $235 per release of what  I already got in the can (two novellas and a short story). This is not due to paying someone to publish, but paying people to create book covers and to professionally format for e-book/print release.

Remember I mentioned later? This is later. Due to a key agency policy change, our unit was able to get a positive answer to the question of flex scheduling at work. For us, flex scheduling will be a bi-weekly schedule of four 10 hour days in the first week (payweek) and the normal five 8 hour days the second week. Due to the multiple payrolls (including a facility) that I'm responsible for, I chose a flex schedule, which takes effect on 10/17. Which means that going in early (7:30 start time) and going home late (6:00 end time) for half the work week will make G.B. a very grouchy person for the next month or so.

Welcome to my world. Be sure to stop by and visit our gift shop on your way out for your complimentary compliment that is guaranteed to be delivered with minimum effort and maximum panache.

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October 9, 2014


Huh? What? Where am I? Oh...yeah. Now I remember.


This is Bubbles along with her lovely owner Jenelle:

Bubbles is a very tiny ferret who can get into all kinds of mischief:

Which it turn exasperates her owner:

But, we like Bubbles, anyways, 'cause she just like getting into all kinds of trouble! Not like the 3 amigos, who just like relaxin'.


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October 6, 2014


It is often said that to start a journey, you have to take that first step in the direction you want to travel. But what if you come to an intersection on your journey where you're suddenly seized with indecision? What do you do then? Do you continue on the same path? Do you veer off to the left? Do you veer off to the right? Or do you pull up the proverbial chair, sit down, kick off your shoes, pull your hat down over your eyes and become lost within the nooks and crannies of your mind?

Roughly 6 1/2 years ago, I decided to start a blog. The blog was mostly about me and my adventures in writing. Through all the trials and tribulations, peaks and valleys, highways and byways, I basically poured my heart, soul and spirit into 1,448 posts spread out over 6 blogs.

This past weekend, I managed to wedge in some precious personal down time. It wasn't easy to do as I had all kinds of things (personal, professional, financial, etc.) vying for my immediate attention (like the cliché, they wanted it yesterday), but I found a way here and there to do it.

What I spent doing with my down time was thinking about my writing and my blogging. These days, both are vying for my attention whenever I decide to recharge my batteries. As of late, the pull of writing is stronger than the pull of blogging, which in some aspects is a good thing. In others, not so good.

October 3, 2014

Got Those Employment Blues

Got those old employment blues today. Employment blues are different than unemployment blues because basically, you're employed and you got the blues 'cause you ain't making enough dollars to pay the bills.


I thought for today, I would share with everyone a few of my favorite unemployment/employment songs. Take each one for what it's worth, and have a happy Friday.

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