August 30, 2015

Holy Cow! I's Done Wrote CCL Of M!

Celebration time c'mon! It's a celebration!

Oh yeah!

Yeah baby, it's Bossa Nova Time!

Oh to be able to actually dance like that! Who am I foolin'? I can't even dance to anything faster than a slow waltz. Sort of.

Anywho, back to the grindhouse.

While I was trying to figure out what to write for today, it suddenly dawned on me, well, not suddenly, since I was perusing my published post list, that this is post #250 for this here blog and post #1554 for all six Blogger blogs. While I don't do much in the way of blog anniversaries anymore (seriously, after 8 1/2 years of blogging), I figure this should count for something special, since writing that many freakin' posts for a blog that came into being only 2 years ago is quite an accomplishment for me.

I won't bore you with the gruesome details, so if you wants them, click on the link in the preceding paragraph, but suffice to say I am pretty gosh darn proud of what I've been able to do with my blogging. But enough about that, 'cause repetitiveness is not really a good thing to for a blog post, unless your brain has gone to mush.

So now, for something completely different.

Feel free to hate me now, 'cause Father Nature is pimping a nasty winter for 2015, and what better way to get everyone annoyed than to post a pic from a previous winter. Besides, if retail stores can pimp back to school sales two weeks after school ends, Halloween in August as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, then this blog can go directly to winter w/o stopping at Autumn or saying bub-bye to Summer.

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August 27, 2015

To Write Is Right, But Not To Write Is A Left Turn To Nowhere

Last Thursday, I hinted at a fun-filled-action-packed-incredibly-researched post about my latest writing project, specifically this. However, that is not to be what this post is all about. While I was working on my latest this past weekend (currently sits at a very respectable 16,390 words), I got to thinking about that potential post and what I should write. After researching the memory banks, I found to my surprise/disappointment (you'll see in a moment), that I actually wrote a prequel to that particular book link.

A little more research into the memory banks and I found that I wrote this thing sometime between 2007 & 2009. I can't pinpoint the exact date because I was writing so much slushy stories during that time frame that I often didn't know whether I was coming or going. If something petered out, I put to the side and worked on something else (sound familiar?).

Anyways, I went on a search and destroy for this story and after about 15 minutes of tearing my den apart, I found it. All but the first 3 pages. However, another search of the memory banks (sadly, I have a memory that people would die for) brought me to my XP and a dusty old folder called "Novella 7". Opening said folder brought me the first 3 pages that I had written some time in 2014. Or '13, not sure which.

Long story short, I sat down to refamiliarize myself with the story, and within minutes, a boatload of questions/issues immediately cropped up, mostly about how to reconcile this story with what I was working on, so that they would both make absolute sense. I had 9 full chapters written, smartly labeled Plot 1 & Plot 2. Long story made even shorter, I'm pitching the 3 chapters of Plot 2 'cause they are 100% unusable for either that story or my now former project (you can see where this is going, correct?)

That's right, former project.

As much as I really want to continue re-writing that novella (and I'm having quite a bit of fun writing it), I need to stop and go back to the prequel. Call me old fashioned, but I like to read/write things linearly. In my world, writing something 2nd first is just a tad more convoluted than writing that 2nd something second.

Confused? You ain't the only one, my friend. I wrote the prequel and now I have to reconcile that with what I got written for the 2nd. The one smart decision I made with the prequel is chucking Plot 2. Plot 2, while a good read and probably a good dovetail for the 2nd book, I think is more suited as a pre-prequel...........anywho, that is my cross to bear and once I get things properly situated with a few notes and basic outline, I'll let everyone know exactly what it is I'm talking about.

In other writing news, I found this nifty article via a blog called The Passive Voice (everything you can possibly want to know about the publishing industry et. al. I highly recommend this as a very necessary read), about maximizing the distribution of your writing (if you do the indie route). I'm covered pretty good by Smashwords for my e-books and CreateSpace for print, but after reading that article, I'm giving strong consideration to uploading my books to Kindle, mostly to have more exposure and more potential eyes for my writing.

I already checked into the financials for the upload and it would cost me $50 to get MOBI files for my two books and $0 for the covers. So my friends, look for The Inner Sibling & A Taste Of Pain in the Kindle format this coming September/October.

And that, my friends, is all the writing news that we have for the month of August. Tune in next week when we might have a repeat of this post.

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August 24, 2015

I Are Healthy?

I rarely blog about my health, simply because I am of the firm belief that using health issues as a crutch and/or free pass to act like a schmuck is seriously f'd up. I know that my readers, like myself, are of the antiquated view that health issues do not define you as a person nor do they run your life. So most of the time, when I mention a particular health issue, it's usually in passing reference to something else. Basically, I have it, it's something that doesn't run my life 24/7, and I deal with it on my own terms as I go about my business.

Most of my regular readers know that I have muscular dystrophy (yay, I's Jerry's Kids!). Specifically, I was given a working diagnosis of C.M.T. back in 2008. For the past 8 years (and a few years prior) it has made living my life an ongoing adventure of non-stop fun and merriment. Lately, it has made me state quite succinctly to everyone within earshot that walking/standing is highly overrated.

How did I come about this? Well, it seems when you turn the magic number of 50 you start to question certain aspects of your health. In regards to my C.M.T., I decided that it was high time to get a more definitive diagnosis of what I got, as opposed to the working diagnosis that I was given those many years ago. So, with slight trepidation, we went in for an EMG test. About an hour later, the doctor utters a phrase that as a patient, no matter what the procedure being undertaken, you never want to hear.

"Well, that was interesting."

Yes, Interesting. Interesting, as in: what you thought was and thus diagnosed as such, is now not and in fact the results are pointing into a completely different direction that you hadn't considered before.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I had this done, 'cause I'm already an interesting case study. Doctor has never seen what I have where I have it before. But, to be hones, it's a bitch to be unique.

So, in order to narrow it down even further, we had a vampire drain another 5 tubes of blood for a little DNA testing to see what it is exactly I do have. I should mention that unlike four years ago when this $5K test wasn't covered by the insurance, this time, this now $4K test is covered by the insurance. And no co-payment is being charged.

So while wait for the test results, I stagger along through life with leg weakness below the knees, a now even more screwed up gait, and a determination not to let this rue my life (yes, I still force myself to go bike riding on Saturdays to run my morning errands. Roughly 5.8 miles roundtrip).

Yes, life can throw you a knuckle ball/hail mary/bicycle kick/bouncing hockey puck to an empty net, but it's up to you on how you're gonna deal with it. Do you rule it and hit it out of the park/bat it away/finger touch it over the goal/belly flop, or do you let it rule you and become a goat?

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August 20, 2015

There Was A Time... which I was going to write for today a sensibly researched post/blast from the past as it applies for a writing update. Went to my old blog and dug out a couple key posts from 2009 & 2012 to use as cannon fodder for that post. Sat down at my computer to write it, and got only slightly sidetracked to do some housecleaning at my old blog by writing a semi-new post highlighting my two main blogs.

Alas, poor Yorrick, I knew him Horatio. By the time Juliet got done banging Romeo, Hamlet and King Lear, there was no one left for her to conquer, except maybe the Merchant from Venice, but ya know, age difference and all. We Tamed the Shrew during the Midsummer Night but it was hotter than a day trip through the many many levels of Italian prose.


What is your major malfunction?

I will not have you quoting gobs of Shakespeare to the washed and squeaky clean masses on this blog. This is a highly respected Joe Lunchbucket type of blog, and there is no room for pseudo intellectual malfeasance.

Excuse you?

You heard me. Now, get it on with it, or I'll pull your creative license and make you live out your worst nightmare.

Nightmare, Gracie?

Speechwriter for The Donald.

That, my useless compadre, is not a nightmare. A four year old wired out on five pounds of sugar can slap together two pages of gibberish and it wouldn't anti-matter. That's strike one.

Spokesman for Hillary Clinton.

You can pull a homeless drunk off the street, clean him up, slap a bottle of Jim Beam in his hands and stick him in front of a microphone. He'll make a hell of lot more sense than Hillary. That's strike two.

I got it! I got it! I got it! Songwriter for Justin Beiber!

Please, that is not a nightmare. That's easy money. I can learn three chords, borrow an electric piano and hammer out ten songs, each one containing lest than 25 words, all on a variation of one single theme. That's strike three. So now you get to suffer your worst nightmare.

What's that?



The preceding post is a sterling example of what happens when the logical side of the brain attempts to muscle in where it doesn't belong, manly the man cave of creativity: he gets taken back to ye olden woodshed for a "meeting of the minds".

My name is G.B. Miller, and I approved this drive-by Bch slapping of my common sense.

(c) 2015 by G.B. Miller. All Rights Reserved.

August 17, 2015

Tie Me To The Length Of That Serioulsy Short Leash

I've discovered, during the course of writing my Tumblr blog (note, it sucks up a ton 'o bandwidth, so think long and hard before going there. just sayin') for the past five months or so, that I have two very distinct blogging styles.

Here, I is somewhat long (1/2 to 2 pages in length), while over there, I is painfully short (roughly 3 paragraphs in length). I suppose part of the reason is that it's a recap blog, thus it only needs a few short paragraphs. Sort of like what you see here at the moment. Another part of the reason is that Tumblr is geared more towards pictures/gifs/videos than it is text. Text is almost an afterthought there, whereas here, pics are more of an afterthought than text.

Ya know, I always wasn't this verbose on my Blogger blogs. For those of you who can recall (and that's about all the fingers on one hand), way early on, I used to write short blog posts. I also used to post on a punishing schedule too, but that's another story for not another time. Somewhere along the way, I got away from the short posts and my posts gradually morphed into the type where you will see at least two or three times a month, a jump break inserted into said post.

The only legitimate reasons that I can come up with as to why the excess verbiage are basically this:

1} Real world has bled into my blog world;
2} Chat rooms of yesteryear has also bled into my blog world.

Second point first. As most of you know, I trolled the chat rooms for roughly 4 year. One of the many, many things that bugged me (and there were a lot), was the 1500 character limit for posting. It has always been a problem of mine writing stuff that can smartly sum up a point in under a half page (which is why I stay away from writing short-short fiction), so it seriously chaffed my inner thighs to be under an arbitrary word limit. So when I decided to move to the blog world, out went the word cap.

First point second. As most of you know, I work for the state of Connecticut and have been since 1996. And as anyone who has ever dealt with the guv'ment on any kind of level, you know that any documentation that you receive during your encounter is basically information overload with a three page minimum. This is directly due to the fact that no one, repeat, no one wants to crucified over a minute slipup that an unscrupulous person (public or private sector) would take advantage of.

Because of this very real outcome (personal experience here), I have a tendency to do ginormous info dumps that the average person would only see in a badly written novel in my internal business correspondence. External only requires that you provide short succinct answers to any question posed in an e-mail, and no tangent straying. Ever.

So because of those two points, I have issues when it comes to writing blog posts. Such as this one, which probably meets the low end of my estimated length (to verify, do a print preview of just this post and nothing else). I'm working on it, but it will always be a perpetual uphill battle.

A question for you: Does any of what you do in the real world for non-story writing bleed into what you write for blog posts?

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