My Published Stories

1} My very first published story was a short story called "Cedar Mountain" back in September 2009 in the e-zine Beat To A Pulp. However, the archive for that year is still under construction.

2} My second short story published was also a short story called "Red Stripe" which was published in the June 15, 2011 edition of Cynic Magazine.

3} My first traditional published novel:

Of which details on how to purchase can be found at Books By G. B. Miller, while book reviews for Line 21 can be now be found on my book blog as this book will be going out of print very soon.

For short video synopsis on Line 21, please check out this book trailer, while a five page sampler is available here.

4} My self-published short story trilogy:

Is available in most formats at Smashwords.

5} The re-release of my commercial debut, now entitled "The Inner Sibling"

Is available in all the major formats at Smashwords and in print at Amazon/Createspace.
6} My latest self-published novella:
Is available from Amazon, Smashwords and Books by G.B. Miller

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