November 10, 2017

What I Currently Have Out

For those of you whose curiosity may have been piqued because you were notified about a new post, you can relax. This blog is still in archive mode, but I wanted to give people a fresh look at what I have out for writings. I'm now posting on a weekly basis at my new blog called I Have Stories! Please stop by to say "Hi".


Today, we decided to do a mini-merge of the Blogger version of Books By G.B. Miller with Father Nature's Corner, with a fresh, easy-to-read, one stop place for all of my writings that are currently out there on Amazon and Smashwords.

(p) 2018

Fueled by a morning spent hearing the word no drilled into her brain with the precision of a jack-hammer, Nikia unleashed a vicious growl and drove her cell phone completely through the patio table.

Surprised by the amount of vitriol directed towards two inanimate objects, Nikia decided to go for a motorcycle ride to the mountain, so as to recalibrate her chi and get her mojo back into the spirit of her wedding nuptials.

Cruising the mountain highway brought such an inner calmness to her soul that she didn't see the child standing in the middle of the road as she came out of the turn. Nikia swerved violently to the right and quickly found herself speeding down the mountainside.

Suddenly, the mountainside was no more. Nikia had driven off a cliff and was on the downside of a journey that could only end in tragedy. As she was saying her final prayers, the child suddenly reappeared. With an outstretched hand, they said, "Do you wish to find happiness again? If so, take my hand, for you only have a few seconds left."

Nikia took their hand and instantly found herself on a journey that would transform her life in ways that she never imagined.

From the friendly confines of a home to the noirish sulfuric wasteland of the late 19th century west, The Friendship Has Begun is the quintessential story of the redemption of a woman's spirit and the salvation of her lost soul.

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(p) 2016 

What Is Life? is the eternal question that we all seek the answer to. This four act play sets out to answer that question with stories featuring the twin themes of the four seasons of Nature {Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter} and four stages of life {Birth, Adult, Elderly & Death}.

Exclusive print at Amazon for $5.99; Books By G.B. Miller for $4.50 + 6.35 % CT sales tax.

(p) 2015

A Taste Of Pain is my first self-published paranormal/fantasy novella.

Nikia, a demonic spirit escapee from Purgatory now quietly residing above ground, is being blackmailed by Kevin to turn Keisha, the girl of his obsession, into the hottest toy of any male or female's wanton desires, so that he can ride to her rescue and make her beholden to him. A distress call sent out by Nikia's eldest prompts two archangels, Michael and Raphael, to answer the call. But can they arrive in time to save Nikia and Keisha from Kevin's lustful machinations? More importantly though, can a supreme demonic hellion from the bowels of Purgatory really turn her life around and do the right things?

E-book @ Amazon and @ Smashwords
Print at Amazon for $6.99; Books by G.B. Miller for $5.75 + 6.35% CT sales tax

(p) 2014

The Inner Sibling is the reissue of my first (and only) traditionally published novel.

Playing the game of public sex is hard enough when you got your uncle, the family loan shark, bothering your for a piece of your action, but when your internal twin wants a piece a well, it can make you seriously question your sanity.

 The Inner Sibling is not just a story about a young woman's dilemma in reconciling her values to her new career as an adult movie actress, but it's also a story about a free spirit that's crying out for adventure.

E-book @ Amazon, @ Smashwords, @ B&N and @ Kobo.
Print @ Amazon {$10.99} and @ Books by G.B. Miller for $7.50 + 6.35% CT sales tax.

(p) 2021

A Trilogy Of Love is the updated version of my now unpublished e-book Broken Promises. All three stories have been streamlined/updated/tweaked for your reading enjoyment, plus with additional selections from two other books, Line 21/The Friendship Has Begun and What Is Life?

Love anew. Love misplaced. Love taboo. Three incredible short stories that present a unique and pleasant twist to those familiar themes.

In The Right Thing, Time is forced to work through the heartbreak of his childhood sweetheart dropping him for another as he roams a local town festival.

A Singular Couple showcases how the love for another can be sadly misconstrued, misunderstood and mislead.

Finally, Friends With Benefits shows how two longtime bff's take their deep respect and love for one another to a place that no one can truly understand.

(p) 2012

Line 21 is the book that re-launched my professional writing career, as this was my one and only traditionally published novel. Originally published through Solstice Publishing, the rights were reverted back to me in 2014 and re-released as The Inner Sibling.

This book is currently out-of-print but I do have some limited copies available for the unbelievably low price of $5 plus 6.35% CT sales tax.

To purchase books directly from me, you can pay by using the PayPal button located near the top of the page. And as always, we humbly thank you for your support.

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